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Astonishing Facts About Inbound Marketing

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download (8)Fade up of advertising SMS, promotional emails, offers!!! Here is the good news for you. Now marketing trend is changing fast. Old marketing methods are becoming outdated and everyone is ready to accept new smart, intelligent ways of marketing. Social media is becoming the most prominent channel for communication and Inbound marketing become the most favorite method for businesses. What is Inbound marketing? How it changed the marketing approach? Is it a new fad which is for a few days?

“Inbound Marketing is the practice of earning traffic and attention for your business on the web rather than buying it or interrupting people to get it. Inbound channels include organic search, social media, community-building content, opt-in email, word of mouth, and many others. Inbound marketing is particularly powerful because it appeals to what people are looking for and what they want, rather than trying to get between them and what they’re trying to do with advertising. “

Let me tell you some interesting and astonishing facts about Inbound marketing.

  1. Inbound marketing has a greater impact on ROI than any other factors. Statistics show that inbound marketer who measures ROI are almost 12 times more than any other marketer.
  2. According to latest survey,  60% of marketer adopted inbound marketing strategy.
  3. Inbound delivered 54% more lead as compared to the outbound marketing methods .
  4. According to HubSpot survey, Inbound marketers double the average site conversion rate, from 6% to 12% total.
  5. As content is the core of Inbound marketing, now content marketing accepted as a subset of Inbound marketing.
  6. Custom content council reports state that 61% consumers willing to purchase from a company who delivers custom content.
  7. Inbound marketing cost is almost 60% less as compared traditional marketing methods.
  8. Number of Inbound marketers rose from 60% to 85% as compared to last year. The number of marketers who still believed in traditional methods was gradually decreased.
  9. Almost 84% lead generated by Inbound marketers is from the top of the funnel. SEO and social media play a prominent role in organic lead generation.
  10. Anyone can apply inbound marketing tactics. The size of the company doesn’t make any difference in the picture. Only important is the thinking and approach of the marketing team.
  11. Blogging, content writing, content sharing and SEO plays vital role in the success of the inbound marketing campaign.
  12. Blogging is a fastest adopting method by businesses for brand awareness across the world.
  13. Number of leads generated is 126% more for companies who regularly blogs as compared to the companies who don’t.
  14. According to the survey, 95% small businesses  believe that blogging is an effective marketing tool and 43% marketers generate their customers, leads from consistent blogging.
  15. Many marketers feel that blogging daily is the best medium to set communication with customers and prospects. They also feel that it helps them in gaining new customers as well as repeat customers. Analysis show that 82% marketers who blog daily experiences positive ROI.
  16. B2B companies trust in some educational ways like Webinars along with blogging for consumer awareness. These firms generate 67% more leads as compared to non blogging firm.
  17. The ultimate aim of any business is to gain customers. It is observed that customer conversion rate of businesses who are following Inbound marketing strategies is much more than normal businesses.
  18. Also, it is observed that nurtured lead with proper content makes faster purchase decision than non- nurtured lead. They purchase 47% more than normal consumer.
  19. Companies who take care of their prospects, customers by providing them regular informative content generates 50% more sales as compared to other businesses.
  20. CTA’s and landing pages plays important role in the overall Inbound marketing campaign and buyer’s cycle. It is proved that proper CTA’s and landing pages 12 times more leads.
  21. Another important factor in Inbound marketing is SEO. According to the latest survey about 87% people used search engine and about 78% people use a search engine for product or service search.
  22. Close rate of SEO if more than outbound leads.
  23. Social media is another important aspect of Inbound marketing. As I mentioned earlier Inbound marketing is about sharing the right content with the right people. But how this content is shared? Social media is the fastest, cheapest and most effective way of sharing content with a larger audience within a short time.
  24. Now small businesses also changing their style of marketing quisckly. Small businesses attract around 78% new customers through social media.
  25. The number of marketers using social media in their business is exponentially increasing. latest figures show that almost 93% marketers use social media for communication.
  26. 77% buyers willing to purchase a product or service from those companies whose CEO as well as team members have a remarkable social media presence.
  27. Almost every small and big companies are trying to increase their social presence.
  28. Social media has higher lead to close rate nearly 100% as compared to outbound marketing.

Isn’t it mind blowing? All these figures tell the success of Inbound marketing itself. Would you like to add any other interesting fact about Inbound? Share it in the comment box.

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