Top 7 Best Practices to Select Blog Images

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Blogs are an integral part of the internet world. Blogs are considered to be the free source of in-depth information available on the internet for each and every topic under the sun.

With so many blogs being on the web, still, the number of qualitative blogs isn’t enough. The rising demand for quality information on the internet has led to a revolution in the blogging world.

The one basic things which improve the quality of the blog instantly is blog images.

In its nascent stage, blogs were published by individuals who were passionate about certain topics. Other than their innate passion, bloggers used to write to earn some extra money by advertisers who promote their business on the blogging site.

But soon, businesses realized it is worth to have their own blogging site covering the topics relevant to their target audience and that’s how business blogging emerged. And now, Every business out there has their very own blogging website.

Why not?

Blogging increases the business’s visibility on the search engines. It is said that blogging increases the number of pages indexed on Google by 434% for businesses.

With such an increasing demand for blogging, there are bloggers everywhere in the world. Bloggers are projected to reach 31.7 million by 2020. That’s an alarming rise. But such is the demand 

So, with so many blogs out there, it becomes indispensable to stand out in the crowd. The one thing which sets blogs apart is its interactiveness and it can be developed using various blog images in the blog.

Why does Blog need Blog Images?


Blog Images

“An image is worth a thousand words” This saying is very apt for blogs. A good blog is a blog which has been conceptualized really well, structured neatly and written in a simple and splendid way.

True! But to make it great, blogs should be interactive with the usage of right and relevant images. There is various kind of images which can be used such as infographics, memes, Gifs, etc.

For a reader, blogs become more readable with the usage of appealing images which adds value.

Images aren’t just used to improve the aesthetics of the blog, but to fit in more content without making the reader realize there is much content in it.

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In certain cases, images are used to set alight heart tone to the blog. Overall, images are an integral part of the blog. Thus, if you want to start a blog, you should be aware of the types of blog images as well.

7 Best Practices to use Blog Images

1. Infographic as Blog Post Images

Let’s say, you are reading a blog on the topic of “Where is the value in digital marketing?”.

The blog structure comprises of various stages of marketing, newest trends, conversion rate benchmarks, ROI calculation, etc. The blog is 2500 words long which consists of multiple analysis reports. It is tedious to consume such content.

Infographic comes as a saviour in this scenario. Infographic kind of blog pictures is a solution for such kind of blogs. In simple terms, an infographic is the visual representation of complex information and data.

It is the simple and easy to consume representation of data or information in terms of clip arts, graphical charts or summary of the content.

Infographic as Blog Post Images

Infographic as Blog Post Images

Infographics aids marketers to share the content of the blog in a compact way on various platforms. Based on a survey, 41.5% of marketers agree that infographics are the most valuable form of content. Sure it is.

Every type of blog can be converted into an infographic, which will, in turn, be a great way to share it on multiple social media platforms.

2. Meme Images as Blog Pictures

We all love memes! Don’t we?

There are memes on every trending event happening in the world. Many times, memes hurt a certain set of people or community.

Such kind of memes does serve its purpose of being trending but spread out a negative message in the world. The best way to deal with them is to keep in mind that memes are meant to be funny and should be taken lightheartedly.

Meme Example


We come across memes on our Facebook news feed or Instagram news feed on a regular basis. Just imagine, you are reading a very detailed blog on keyword planner and the blog consists of very unique strategies.

A very serious blog which needs your complete attention. But what if, there is one light hearten meme, which puts a tiny smile on your face. That’s a great experience as a user.

That’s what this blog KlientBoost did. This blog has used a few funny and relevant memes which adds a fun element to the otherwise serious blog article.

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3. Images of Real People as Blog Images

In Spite of the advancement of technology and digitization, still, blogs are written and read by only humans. And humans are humans after all! We trust and get connected to human faces more than any other kind of image.

As a reader, you will get connected to this blog, when you know who I am and what is my expertise to write this blog {You can check author bio to know about me:-D}

Similarly, always try to humanize the blog post by the use of real people as blog images.

If you are in the digital marketing world for some time, you must be knowing who Neil Patel is!

And as you read Neil Patel, his picture popped in your head. It is purely because he has humanized his whole website with his pictures as blog images.

Few ideas to humanize your blogs can be; use images of real people you are mentioning in the blog article, use images of models to represent a particular activity, use images of locations if you are mentioning the place in your article, etc.

4. Quote Images as Blogging Images

Motivational quotes, fact quotes, data-driven quotes, etc. There are so many kinds of quotes available. These quotes used as blog images connect readers instantly.

Let’s say you are reading a blog on how to become a successful entrepreneur. The section you are reading is about the failures of startups.

This is the section which can build a bit of insecurity in you. If the article contains blogging images such as quote image something as below;

Quote Image

Quote Images

Then, it kind of brings confidence in you. This psychological effect is only possible by using connecting and relevant quote images.

Another advantage of having quotes as blog images are it gets shared easily on social media channels.

One needs to ensure that the blog has easy social media share icons, which enables users to share quotes or images. The probability of sharing a quote image is higher.

5. Screenshots as Blog Pictures

When you write a technical digital blog which involves a lot of technical details, then screenshots of various web-based tools play a major role in helping the readers comprehend the subject easily.

For instance, you are reading an article on setting up a remarketing campaign on Google Ads. The article is detailed with step by step process.

However, when you actually start setting up the campaign, you always get stuck somewhere. What if the article had screenshots of every step! It would be very easy for the reader to follow and make use of the blog.

Screenshot example


You can use some awesome chrome extensions to capture the web screenshot such as Awesome Screenshot. These screenshots can be easily incorporated into the blog as blog images.

6. Explainer Images as Blog Post Images

The whole purpose of a blog post is to enrich the knowledge of the user on a certain topic. If explainer blog images can do this job better, then why not?

Explainer images can be any kind of images which add value to the topic you are trying to explain.

It can be a flow chart or a graphical representation of data.

You can use many tools to design explainer blog images. Diagrams and flowcharts can be created using a tool like OmniGraffle and to make pie charts, you can use tools like ImgFlip.

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7. More the Better Blogging Images

So, how many blog images are required in a blog?

There is no magical number. But, don’t stop with 1 or 2. More the number of images improves the aesthetic of your blog and makes it more interactive.

But, again it is up to the requirement of the blog. Stuffing unnecessary images in the blog will make it hard to read and loading speed of the blog will also increase which will increase the bounce rate.

However, usage of the right amount of images glorifies your blog post. Use good quality legal images and bring out the best way to represent your blog post.

Let’s Wind Up

We have seen various types of blog images which we can be used in the blog post. These images are very much part of the blog post.

Some help to emphasize the context of the blog, some help to connect the readers to the blog, some help to set a lighter tone to the blog. Overall blog post images make the blog to read better and connect to the reader.

Blogs are an integral part of digital marketing. One needs to ensure their blogs are standing out in the crowd with the use of the right kind of blog images, high-quality content, well-researched data and easy & impressive tone of the content.

Just having blogs won’t make you achieve your goals. A blog accompanied by a drip email campaign works the best. Know all other important aspects of digital marketing and grow your business well.

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