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Google has redefined the way businesses do marketing with their revolutionary products such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Remarketing, Google Display AdWords etc. With the increase in demand for these products, there has been high demand in the market for experts to manage these accounts for businesses, hence many Digital Marketing Agencies mushroomed who became evangelists of Google Products. Google launched Google Partners program to recognize these agencies. Agencies can earn badges like Google Partner, Premier Google Partner, and specialization badges. These badges can be earned by employees demonstrating AdWords skills, company reaching AdWords spend limit, delivered good results to clients and helping in revenue growth. But to do all these, a dedicated sales team to convince businesses and sell these products is equally necessary. Google has launched “Digital Sales Exam by Google” for agencies to train sales team to succeed in this regard.

What is Digital Sales?

The simple definition of “Digital Sales” is to attend the leads generated from the efforts of digital marketing and convert them to generate revenue.

In the scenario of this article, digital sales refer to selling the concept of digital marketing to businesses and convincing them to use the products to grow their business

What is Google Digital Sales?

Google Digital Sales is the process of selling Google Digital Solutions to businesses. Every marketing agency should possess a strong Google Digital Sales team to onboard clients for Google Digital Solutions.

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Importance of Digital Sales

A PPC agency always seems to be self-sufficient with account managers & PPC experts. But what most of the agencies fail to understand is the need for a strong Digital Sales team. Following are the points which back up the importance Digital Sales team has:

  • The trained sales team will make wonders in convincing conventional business owners to use digital solutions for promoting their business
  • Account managers or PPC experts are the best people to explain the concept for people who understand digital marketing to some extent. But when it comes to explaining to people who are completely unaware of the digital world (which most small business owners are), the digital sales team speaks in their language and update the importance of digital marketing
  • The digital sales play a major role in bagging up big brands as well. Not everyone is good in sales. Being good in sales is an inherent talent in itself which is very necessary for cracking big deals.

Google Launched Digital Sales Certification

Digital Sales

Digital Sales Exam by Google

Google Partner agencies always craved for a specific program for the digital sales team. These agencies relied upon courses like IAB’s Digital Media Sales Certification, AdWords fundamental certification and Google’s “The Trusted Digital Media Advisor” program.

In 2015, Google launched a comprehensive certification – “Digital Sales Exam by Google”. This is an amalgamation of AdWords Fundamentals and Trusted Digital Media Advisor program. The sales team needs to have the basic understanding of AdWords and necessary sales skills to sell Google Digital Solutions to clients.

How to Prepare for Digital Sales Exam

Academy of Ads from Google provides a sophisticated study material to prepare for the “Google Digital Sales Exam”. The study guide covers the following topics;

AdWords Fundamentals

In order to convince clients to trust “Google Digital Solutions”, the sales representative of Google Partner Agency should know the basics of the functioning of these products. The study material covers the following topics;

  • Benefits of Online Advertising & AdWords

The sales representative should be able to name the benefits of online advertising over traditional advertising in a blink of an eye. Until the sales rep can convince clients about the benefits of these solutions, it is impossible to take the process further.

  • Google Advertising Network

Knowing all the possible reach of AdWords by knowing the strength of its network is essential for a sales rep. This enables them to prove the vast reachability of these marketing solutions

  • The Quality of Ads

Sales Rep should know how to maintain the high quality of ads and educate clients on the optimization possibility of ads by improving its quality and maintaining decent bids

  • What you pay

The whole methodology on which advertiser pays to AdWords is a must knowledge every sales rep should have. This process should be simplified to teach clients and convince them that it only costs for every click in search AdWords and they will normally end up paying less than their bid

  • Target Your Audience

The various methodologies of targeting audience on AdWords including the right set of keywords, topic targeting, custom affinity, in market audience, remarketing etc. should be handy to a sales rep. This is useful information to explain the various possibilities of targeting right audience on AdWords

  • Setting Bids & Budgets

Sales Rep should be able to educate clients on the flexibility of amount they can spend on AdWords and flexibility to decide the amount to be paid for every click.

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Client Centric Sales Skills

Digital Sales

Digital Sales Representative

Having the best product knowledge without knowing how to sell it is of no use for a sales representative. Hence Google’s study material covers necessary sales centric skills.

Part 1: Plan

  • Prospect
  • Network
  • Prepare

Part 2: Open

  • Elevator Pitch
  • Open Meetings
  • Positioning & Repositioning

Part 3: Identify

  • Discovering with Questions
  • Identifying Gaps

Part 4: Recommend

  • Communicate Benefits
  • Custom Solutions
  • AdWords Proposal

Part 5: Close

  • Objection Handling
  • Closing the deal

How to take Digital Sales Assessment

Anyone can take the “Google Digital Sales Assessment” in the academy of ads. Once the person has gone through the study material specified for the certification, he/she can take the assessment.

The Google Digital Sales Assessment has 55 questions to be answered in 90 minutes. The threshold to secure the certificate is 80%. If one is thorough with AdWords fundamentals and sales skills, securing the certification is pretty easy.

You are all set to become “Google Digital Sales Specialist”

Having “Google Digital Sales Specialists” adds a feather to Google Partner Agencies’ cap. As far as an individual is considered, both sales & marketing professional can benefit from Digital Sales Exam, which can be a great credential to possess. With the detailed study material of the Google Digital Sales certification, there are no second thoughts in becoming “Google Digital Sales Specialist”.

It is also very crucial to be pro in the marketing aspects of Google Products like Google Adwords and Google analytics to be good at selling these products. A formal training in search engine marketing will be beneficial for Digital Sales Experts.

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