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Google Docs Voice Typing Tool Is Making Life Easy

Google Docs Voice Typing Tool Is Making Life Easy

Is running your fingers on the keyboard a pain for you? Well, for most of us, it is. I can surely relate to that. If you are occupied with typing whole day long then Google’s latest speech recognition is made to share your burden and lighten your shoulders. I mean fingers.



It was not long ago that the speech recognition tools were exorbitantly expensive with not even accurate results. Nowadays, this tool is for free and has a wide range of gadgets. Gone are those days when you pronounced words like ‘although’ and your computer hears ‘Volvo’. Around six months back, Google launched voice typing feature for Google Docs. This feature allows you to dictate your text into a document. Last month, Google updated this feature and now you can edit and format the text via voice, too. For instance, you can say things like ‘align center’, ‘italicize’, or ‘increase font size’ and Google Docs will execute these for you without you ever touching the keyboard.

However, this cool new feature is only available for the desktop version of Chrome and only works with Google Docs. So, if you started imagining yourself trying this feature for spreadsheets or other types of files, then that wouldn’t work. But this feature still makes your job facile to a great extent and lets you enjoy hands-free writing. Your fingers can do other tasks while Google Docs voice typing feature will get your text written. Well, it also takes a bit of practice and learning new keywords. For instance, saying ‘select’ to choose text, ‘delete’ to delete the text and ‘bold’ to obviously bold the text. With the help of other commands, you can apply headers and format the elements. However, this feature of Google Docs is unavailable on the mobile app since you already have speech-to-text through your phone.

The Notable Features Of Google Docs

  • It is brilliant when it comes to Google’s voice features in Google Now and Android TV. Try it, and you will get 90 percent of what you spoke correct and perfect given that you speak clearly. Give voice commands of punctuation and you will have excellent results.
  •  This feature is built in such a way that it can sense the measurement of the context awareness. For instance, it can recognize the difference between delete and edit command. Saying ‘delete’ would delete a part of a sentence or whole sentence as per your needs and with an ‘edit’ command, you can edit the sentence. You can also say ‘insert a bullet list’ to get your points in bullet form.
  • The next striking point is its quick response time. The speech tools that I have tried so far are laggy. But with Google Docs’ typing tool, you don’t have to worry about the delayed typing. Try giving quick shots and you will how efficient this feature is. Though this tool lags behind by a word or two when you talk fast but it never gets lost.
  • Another advantage you can take from this speech tool in Google Docs is to transcribe audio files. Start a voice recording on your device or computer itself and open Google Docs voice typing tool to transcribe your files. Sit back and relax while Google Docs do the rest.
  • It amazingly deals with background noise and if you are working on Google chrome, there will be a pop-up warning that informs there is trouble hearing the voice.

There is a long list of voice commands that are aimed at formatting a document, selecting text, editing and adding tables and much more. For example, if you say the word ‘cut’ followed by the word or the phrase you would like to delete would make Google erase those selected words. The voice dictation in Google Docs has been supported for over months now, however, the advanced editing tools like these have been featured for the first time.

Some drawbacks

  • Since this typing tool only works with English language, it might not cater to a large and varied audience.
  • Alike all speech tools, Google Docs voice typing  tool could be efficiently used for straight dictation however, it becomes frustrating if don’t want to write from beginning until the end instead prefer putting across random ideas on a page and shuffle between them.
  • You need to learn some keywords and speak clearly with proper pronounciation to make Google Docs Voice Typing tool work properly.

How to use

google voice


  • For using this feature, click on the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Voice Typing’.
  • After that, you will see a box with a microphone icon which will appear alongside the document.
  • Click on that icon and this will signal Google to start listening up for voice commands. However, this functionality only works on Google Chrome and the voice commands are only applicable for the English language.

Commands in Google Docs

Commands for punctuation


Exclamation point

New Line

New Paragraph


Commands for Editing

Select All

Delete All



Copy link

Insert table of contents

Delete last word

Insert horizontal line


Commands for alignment

Align right

Align left

Apply title




With Google’s this futuristic feature, you can work on complex documents without even touching the keyboards and give rest to your fingers. Do whatever you wish to. Add, delete, insert items like footnotes, equations or tables with just your voice commands.

Have you come across this new feature? Do share your views with us!

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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