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Shaswat ShahShaswat Shah, is a Blogger and Science Student from Surat. He is 18 years old by age and studying Computer Science who loves blogging and online marketing. To him, marketing is always about evolving and trying new things. Digital Marketing in India is growing at tremendous rate and as the market is growing with its high-speed rate, we also need to keep up with it. Shaswat has worked with Risemetric during his 12th school vacation; under them he has handled many campaigns of and! 

During his tenure at Risemetric, he got to know and learn many things about running a digital marketing firm and handling SEO campaigns of giant media houses. But apart from learning new stuff, Shaswat believes you know nothing unless you implement it and try it by yourself.

How did you decide to become a blogger? Was it a thoughtful choice?

Shaswat Shah: Internet has always enchanted me since beginning. And this question rose one day, how do people make this websites live on www? And that’s where the hunting begun. During my start, I didn’t even know that what I was doing is somewhat called blogging as well. “Blogging”, “Blogger” terms were unknown to me. 

If you were to list top 5 reasons for your success as a blogger, what would those be?

Shaswat Shah: I wouldn’t be calling my self as a successful blogger, ever, because currently I’m in no stage to be called one and secondly, for me there’s no success term in my dictionary. Once people start thinking that they have achieved something/success they feel satisfied, and once you’re satisfied with your work, you probably won’t be able to grow. Create levels, like for example, if your first target is to reach 10k visitors per day for your blog, now once you’ve reached that, increase your goal to 100k visitors per day. And you never stop. Keep going.

I’d suggest few of my mistakes, which you can avoid:

  1. Do not try to copy. If someone is making a lifestyle blog or tech blog, don’t do the same because they are making good out of it. Do it because you like it. Some things may work for them may not work for you and vice versa.

  2. Stay in one lane. It may take few weeks or may take months to get your first 1000 visitors. But don’t stop working. Once you stop, you’ll have to start everything again from zero.

  3. Start with one niche, one blog at a time. Do not start too many blogs at once.

  4. Start learning SEO from beginning and start implementing as well.

  5. And keep yourself updated with newer Google algorithms and updates. If you want to step up in blogging, you got to start reading as well, not just writing!

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Which influencers and thought leaders you look up to when it comes to blogging?

Shaswat Shah: There are just so many that I cannot name just one or two. Syed Balkhi, Om Malik, Sujan Patel, Gary Vee and many more. These all are not just in blogging but also in Digital Marketing as well. They put out content every week. I just subscribe their email newsletters, so I don’t miss any of their new posts.

How do you keep yourself updated on the latest trends about blogging? Which are the top sites and blogs you visit every day?

Shaswat Shah: I use feeder (chrome extension) and I’ve added few 30+ sites in my feeder, so whenever they put out new updates/blog post, I get notification. Also, I’ve subscribed to many blogs as well. I usually start my day with to check latest Google SERP updates. Then goes, Moz Blog, Search Engine Land and few more.

How important is to know SEO for success in blogging? What changes and trends have you observed in SEO?

Shaswat Shah: Sometimes what happens is, people start blogging and write decent content as well but then later on, they quit because no one is visiting their blog. Blogging need lots of patience and you’ve to know SEO at least it’s basics in order to get somewhere in blogging. There’s like really slight chances that without basics of SEO you’ll get ahead. Though if you’re really a patient person and maintain consistency with quality, I believe that you can do wonders.

For someone to be successful in Blogging, what are important skills to acquire other than SEO & Content Writing?

Shaswat Shah: Learning. Like every business, there are new things coming up in the trends, and so it does in blogging as well. You need to innovate new ideas and implement it. Learning is of no use if you’re not implementing it.

Which are the top Tools one should know and use as a Blogger?

Shaswat Shah: I personally use very less tools. Though as a blogger, if you’re not able to proof read your content, I’d refer grammarly. And for sharing and keeping your social media profiles updated with new posts I’d opt for Buffer app or Hootsuite. If you’re new blogger who is not willing to invest in such tools, then just invest in good hosting and start blogging.

How do you decide the topic for your new blog post? Please share detailed approach including tools you use for the same.

Shaswat Shah: I really procrastinate a lot. It takes me at least a week to complete my one single article. I usually decide my blog posts during my commuting time, and then I write down the key points on my phone if the topic is new, as I’ve bad memory.

Please share top mistakes you’ve learnt from your journey as a Blogger.

Shaswat Shah: I believe I’ve already shared above my few top mistakesJThough the one biggest mistake was starting a blog on piracy. My first blog was on downloading free movies and games. It was huge mistake, I even got many copyright infringement. Eventually, I realized what I was doing was not legal at all.

Blogging or affiliate marketing to make money attracts a lot of youngsters these days. What’s your advice to those people? According to you, what are the top mistakes to avoid when they choose blogging as a medium to make money?

Shaswat Shah: Money is a good motivation at beginning. But then again, if this field doesn’t interests you even a bit, or if it doesn’t fascinates you, then you should probably find some other field. Because there are chances when you’ll be completely bored of writing content, doing SEO and maintaining numerous accounts. There are people selling quick money skims, but just think, if it was so easy, wouldn’t everyone have started blogging already?! It’s not going to be easy at all. All those materialistic shines will fade away as you’d probably be working up late night and all day long, even during weekends.

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Blogging is increasingly becoming competitive. Do you think it will be a good choice for newbies to opt for blogging in 2016 and further?

Shaswat Shah: If you’ve bit of interest in Blogging and online marketing, then no one can beat you. Competition and Google’s algorithm of ranking sites is changing drastically, but as they say, any time is good time to start.

What are your future plans? How do you plan to leverage your existing success as a Blogger?

Shaswat: Currently, I’d like the continue as it’s going and after my bachelors if everything goes fine, I’ll be doing full time blogging of course. Though If I do get a good job in some MNC, I’ll still be doing blogging along with it.

If you’re to start your blog from scratch, what approach will you take now based on your learning’s, success and failures?

Shaswat Shah: I’d be obviously avoiding the mistakes that I made previously, and will try to fasten up the process of getting consistent traffic, as now I know what to avoid which takes/wastes time.

Although it’s not just my mistakes I learned from, I’ve learned from other blogger’s mistakes as well which helped me to not to repeat those same mistakes they made.

Digital Vidya is ranked one of the top 10 marketing blogs by SEJ. Would you like to share a few words about the work we are doing at Digital Vidya?

Shaswat Shah:

You guys are influencing new generations! That is really inspiring work. Teaching Digital marketing is not easy, but Digital Vidya surely makes it easy to understand.

I remember I met Deepesh during one of the Delhi’s event. He explained me and told me everything about Digital Vidya, and I had only one reply “Amazing!”

Thank you for having me 🙂

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