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Pradeep Chopra, CEO at Digital Vidya: Digital Marketing landscape is witnessing a dramatic shift. There are a lot of new digital marketing trends, insights and strategies that are evolving at a rapid pace.

Thus, digital marketers & businesses should always be aware of the trends and changes so that they can easily adapt to emerging technologies and stay ahead in the competition. In this interview, I spoke up with Sorav Jain to know his views and significant approach towards Digital Marketing & its changing trends.

Sorav’s passion has always been marketing and since he had an eagerness to learn new things, he was able to adapt to the trends and changes.

Transition to Digital marketing was a must and my earlier experiences in SEO and Content management has helped me gain a foothold on the various concepts of Digital marketing. Ever since then, he opted to stay in the realm of Digital Marketing and tried to innovate with new concepts.

According to you, what are the advantages of conventional marketing over Digital Marketing? Do you think that Digital Marketing is a threat to the future of conventional marketing?

Sorav Jain: Conventional marketing is completely industry focused. At the same time, I feel agencies and consultants must focus on the industry specified standards, show proven case studies and highlight the results. This will inspire many traditional players to adapt to the industry verticals.

Integrating conventional marketing techniques with Digital marketing methods is the best way moving forward and this is a smarter way to drive audience and generate cross channel promotions.

Publishing a book is great for personal branding, or so I heard. How has becoming a published author helped you and your company?

Sorav Jain: So far, I had printed more than 1000 copies of Social media for Business and they were all sold out. These books were launched to provide value to my workshop attendees and the aspect of personal branding was not the focus.

Personally, my advice would be to not write a book on personal branding, rather write a book that could provide true value to businesses and people. So, find a publisher/distributor who appreciates the idea and does complete justice to the book.

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You are a multi-faceted personality. Any pro tips on the productivity, focus and your zeal to trigger Digital Marketing?

Sorav Jain: I don’t believe in working for myself, my utmost belief is about working for the people. When you work for people you are more likely to give more effort rather than yourself as too often, we tend to take shortcuts.

I have a very strong team that works along with me and they help me deliver substantial digital marketing value to clients.

I learn from what we practice every day and I teach what I learn through my practice. I prefer to not sleep too much and I work on weekends and holidays as well.

Even during my vacations, I carry my laptop and aim at closing deals.

Here are 6 things that I follow to stay productive:

(i) I usually plan my activities a week in advance.

(ii) I make sure that I take small breaks between work so that I don’t get bored quickly!

(iii) Set goals for your team and more importantly help them achieve it.

(iv) Always eliminate bad clients; they will only make you less productive.

(v) Deliver beyond what you have promised; those appreciations will inspire you to do a lot more for the client.

(vi) You must always keep your team happy and motivated.

How do you see Digital Media evolving in future? What are the top 3 trends do you foresee for 2019?

Sorav Jain: Digital marketing is yet to evolve completely and it hasn’t reached its full potential yet. For the next, five to ten years traditional marketing is here to stay. Internet penetration has reached only 15 to 20% of the total population.

Traditional marketing still inspires the majority of the people in India. It is still considered as the credibility channel for many. Integrating traditional marketing with digital campaigns is the smart way to drive the audience and cross channel promotions are the best way to get a complete hang of the audience.

How did you get into Digital marketing? What interested you in learning Digital Marketing?

Sorav Jain: I started my career at the age of 17 as an SEO and Content executive. My initial experience in this field has helped me in gaining considerable knowledge and interested in pursuing further in Digital marketing industry.

Later I completed my masters in International marketing management from Leeds Business School. I started my own Digital marketing agency with the intention to deliver the best digital and social media marketing training and service.

I’m very passionate about digital marketing events and customer experience as well. I always want to do things with 99% perfection.

How do you stay updated on the latest trends in Digital Marketing? Which are the Digital Marketing resources (i.e. blogs/websites/apps) you visit regularly?

Sorav Jain: Basically, I follow Neil Patel’s blogs, social media examiner, Search engine journal on a daily basis. Apart from that, for my blogs, my team does a lot of research on new things in Digital and every week I ensure that there is something new that we can learn every day.

You’ve recently been coveted as the ‘Numero Uno Digital Marketing Expert in Chennai’. How would you express being the top digital marketing trainer in Chennai?

Sorav Jain: First of all, I’m really honoured to be named as the Number one Digital Marketing Expert in Chennai. It has been a great journey so far. But to be honest I feel being a Digital marketer and a trainer is a great combination in itself.

Most of my training programs cover activities that we do on a day-to-day basis and I had an amazing experience working with several special brands.

I try to upgrade my knowledge every day by learning something new, right from how to create your own chatbots to understanding the latest trends that are happening on the digital platforms. It is highly imperative that I’m confident in the subject.

What is your advice for newbies, who are looking at building a career in the Digital Marketing industry?

Sorav Jain: My advice for newbies is to master the subject of digital marketing, then try to leverage the knowledge wherever possible.

Secondly, they should be open to learning new things all the time because the industries are ever changing and if you aren’t changing yourself to the lines of the demands of the industry, then you can never grow in this particular industry.

Thirdly, please don’t change your clients and friends, educate them and prove them wrong because it’s your job to show them the right path.

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Share about your 3 favourites Digital Marketing case studies.

Sorav Jain: What did you like most about them?

(i) Levista’s Branding

For Levista we tried to move away from the conventional concepts. We tried to get Influencers to market the brand through social media. It turned out to be a huge success as this was a highly creative approach to branding.

(ii) The meinbhiChowkidar Initiative

I was really impressed by the Smart use of #chowkidar by the Government. It really caught the attention of the people and became trending very soon.

(iii) CREDAI’s Chennai FairPro

We recently had an opportunity to work along with CREDAI where we had to achieve more than 10,000 quality registrations for their event. We had just 20 days to market the event.

We even used several aspects of traditional media to spread the word about the event through the means of newspaper ads, TV ads, radio ads and massive visibility through hoardings and banners across the city.

According to you, what are the top 3 mistakes committed by organizations today in leveraging Digital Marketing?

Sorav Jain:

Mistake 1: Not understanding your audience and the business in depth. This is one of the biggest mistakes most of the organizations do, with respect to Digital marketing. Running advertisements without understanding your audience and the business in depth is not good in the long run

Mistake 2: Second thing that most of the organizations miss out is basically not having a strategy in place, which means they don’t have any long-term goal.

I have observed most of the organizations these days use Digital mediums majorly for driving sales, and sales, in my opinion, are just a component of Digital marketing. The only question people need to ask themselves is how they can build an empire on Digital platforms.

Mistake 3: You need to be proactive, with respect to the changing trends, we can’t always just go for the old school methods, if there is augmented reality, then we must adapt to it, if there is messenger marketing, we have to adapt to it, we must not wait for the client, we must adapt to the situation and then innovate.

How do you ensure increasing Digital Marketing’s relevance and influence in the organization?

Sorav Jain: As a Digital Marketer, I feel Digital Marketing as a holistic experience and not just another marketing practice.

Through Digital marketing you can bring in a lot of different perspectives on how to attract investors using Digital mediums and how to attract talent by performing employer branding using Digital channels.

This will help you in getting a better overview and a better understanding of the business of your organization. The organization, in turn, will value the idea that you give them because you are helping them in implementing 360-degree adaptation to Digital.

Would you like to share a few words about the work we are doing at Digital Vidya?

Sorav Jain: I knew Pradeep Chopra since 2009. They were the first to start a social media marketing workshop and I like the way how they transitioned completely into a digital marketing institute. I really appreciate the way both Kapil and Pradeep handled the situations and I’m very optimistic about the entire industry.

Overall its been 10+ years and the team has been creating some amazing content pieces which have set a benchmark and has become an inspiration to many digital marketing institutes in this country. This is a great achievement as I believe the quality of education that is being offered actually helps a lot of people and could be accessed virtually from any part of the country.

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