MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi: Which Is Best For You?

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This blog is about making the comparison between two tools MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi and deciding which one is best for you? According to your business requirement. MailChimp and Mad Mimi are to very popular Email Service Providers which provide Email Marketing services to its client.

No matter how big or small a  business is, it can always take advantage of email marketing for its benefit.Email Marketing can help the business grow in size through newsletters and periodic emails. We can keep our loyal customer base informed of what’s new with our business. Expanding the contact list is important too, and we can attract new customers with discounts and deals offered in those emails. Creating those emails and managing the contact list can be daunting, though, without a management system.

How do Email Marketing Tools help?

Email marketing software makes it easy to extend the digital reach.It improves the content of emails and maximizes our time. The best email marketing services are those which are easily affordable and don’t require a person to have the extensive technical know-how. They also offer a variety of features to help individuals target specific demographics and bypass spam filters. This helps to improve the effectiveness of emails.

Various Email Marketing Tools provides tracking tools,  which helps to see how the recipients responded to the emails sent. An automatically generated report lets us know whether a customer opened the email or forwarded it, or if the email client rejected the email. Then an autoresponder helps in sending an automatic response to a specific event, like a  welcome email for a new contact who signs up for the newsletter or emails. We can set up triggered responses for specific events or days, such as holidays or a contact’s birthday.If someone is not particularly a tech savvy or simply don’t want to spend time designing emails and newsletters, can use the templates that email marketing software includes.

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About MailChimp

MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi


 MailChimp was found in  2001. The company started as a side project funded by various web-development jobs. Now it has become the world’s leading marketing automation platform. MailChimp sends more than a billion emails every day. It helps in democratize technology for small businesses, create innovative products that empower customers to grow. It helps in send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns.

For more Information: Visit Website 


  • Free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month (however, I highly recommend you use an autoresponder which is not free).
  • Time-based and action based autoresponders.
  • 300 email templates
  • Excellent integrations (800+ compared to 87 with Mad Mimi)
  • Can spam compliant
  • A/B split testing
  • Send time optimization – MailChimp can work out the best time to send your emails based on what time is most likely to see more click-throughs to your site.
  • If changing from another service, you can upload your subscribers without them needing to opt in again.


  • Less intuitive to use than the other providers.
  • Importing contacts can be difficult
  • They do not allow content on topics such as making money online and working from home (so I should not have been using it for this site). You can see the full list of topics here.
  • Affiliate marketing is prohibited in their terms of service. If you read the details, it seems they allow some forms but not others and it is not that clear. There are lots of stories online about people who have had problems with this.
  • No access to email support for free accounts.

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly fee based on number of contacts, and unlimited number of emails to send each month

Number of Contacts Price Per Month
0-2,000 Free
1,001-1,500 $20
1,501-2,000 $25
2,001-2,500 $30
2,501-2,600 $35
2,601-2,700 $40
2,700+ Use their online calculator

About Mad Mimi

MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi was founded by Gary Levitt. Originally, they didn’t set out to be good email marketing company. Their main aim was to create a good email. They wanted something stylish, simple and easy to make emails to promote their little music company.They searched for email services online and found millions – but didn’t like them. The outdated templates and the feeling of email been spam made them design something easy new and simple.

Instead of settling they designed their own email campaigns. Soon, people were asking them to design emails for them.  With Mad Mimi, everyone can create a well-designed, elegant email.Soon, they added robust delivery, easy audience management, tracking, and support. All handled in that simple, powerful, semi-rebellious.

For more Information: Visit Website 


  • Very quick and easy to use.
  • Free for up to 100 subscribers.
  • Can move subscribers between lists easily. Subscribers can just click on a link to be added to other email lists.
  • It’s a nice looking website with a great user interface.
  • It’s the cheapest option.
  • Live chat for support.


  • Certain content is prohibited, like discussing working from home or online. You may be able to get around this.
  • Affiliate marketing is prohibited.
  • You can only use one account for one site.
  • You can not set up a double opt-in for services which use the API to add subscribers to your list, eg if you use OptinMonster or many other plugins. Think carefully about whether this may cause issues for you. Double opt is not able can mean that we end up with email addresses for people who did not sign up – if they report us as spam this can affect our deliverability.
  • Only one email template is there.
MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi Price

MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi: Which Is Best For You?

Let’s explore some of the most important features of the best email marketing service providers and see how Mad Mimi and MailChimp compare head-to-head.

Email Design Tools- MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi

Both Mad Mimi and MailChimp offer responsive templates. Means that they’ll automatically look good on any device.This feature is a must in email marketing these days. And they both have calculated, easy-to-use drag-and-drop editors. But that’s all they have in common. Mad Mimi only has one template that we can choose color themes around, and there’s very limited customization.  Mailchimp, on the other hand, has hundreds of ready-made templates that can be customized easily with many more design tools. MailChimp even provides us with raw code to help build one’s  own email templates.

Both tools provide easy-to-use drag-and-drop style editors to help you edit your template, with Mailchimp’s being the more flexible (albeit slightly fiddlier) of the two. MailChimp’s email builder allows you to create a greater number of layout styles (for example, you can add image groups, buttons and boxed text in Mailchimp; Mad Mimi doesn’t offer any of these options).

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Email Deliverability- MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi

These days all major email marketing services even Mimi and the Chimp have dedicated deliverability teams.  They are registered with all major ISPs. Mad Mimi and MailChimp both get high marks from customers on their deliverability rates about 90th percentile. It’s harder to integrate unsubscribes in Mad Mimi than it is with MailChimp. Otherwise, if we consider the email deliverability rate it’s very close.

Which has the edge? It’s a tie!

Autoresponders- MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi

Both services offer basic autoresponder. If running an email campaign and want to send follow-up emails to a customer based on their response to previous emails (i.e. thanking them for signing up on your website, or making a purchase), MailChimp is the way to go for as it has very advance autoresponder functionality. And MailChimp makes it easier to target a subset of the email list with its autoresponder interface. But the important thing to note is that the feature autoresponders are only available in the paid version of MailChimp.

Customer Support – MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi

Customer support for both Mad Mimi and MailChimp somewhat lacking compared to many other email marketing service providers. While both services have email support, good online tutorials, FAQ’s and other resources, neither service offers 24/7 customer support hours — or even weekend hours. MailChimp has the phone and lives chat support with their paid plans. Unfortunately, their live chat volume is so high, that people have to wait for their turn so that their problem gets solved. Mad Mimi offers live chat that customers say is very responsive. And they say they’ll schedule a phone appointment with you if needed. So for this point goes to Mad Mimi here.

Email Tracking & Analytics – MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi

Both Mad Mimi and MailChimp provide detailed email tracking and analytical tools which help to see who’s opening and clicking through the emails.One can easily monitor subscriber activity, an amount of bounces,n the umber of unsubscribes, what are the click-throughs and can even generate revenue reports. They also both provide Google Analytics integration and social sharing campaigns.

Which has the edge? Tie

Free plans – MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi

Both Mad Mimi and Mailchimp offer free plans. Up until fairly recently, Mad Mimi’s was the more generous of the two – allowing you to store up to 2,500 subscribers and send them up to 12,500 emails; equivalent figures are 2,000 and 12,000 for Mailchimp. Now, however, Mad Mimi have made their free plan a much more basic affair: you can only host a mailing list of 100 email addresses with it. This makes Mailchimp an instant winner when it comes to the free plan side of things (although bear in mind that it’s free plan does not include the use of autoresponders and many other useful features).


So in MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi I think MailChimp is the winner. MailChimp is no doubt a more sophisticated and a very mature email service provider. Although it is significantly more expensive than Mad Mimi, users can get what they pay for in terms of customer support and functionality. MailChimp comes handy when users are dealing with more complex email marketing operations, and require a large degree of analytics, A/B testing and campaigning. It is best suited for medium to a large size business owner in the e-commerce field. They can derive good benefits by using MailChimp as it provides lots of reports about how the emails are performing.

However, if users are running a slight simpler business with a smaller amount of offerings, Mad Mimi provides great value. This is especially true for larger list sizes.

Finally, for users who have just started blogs and have a list smaller than 2000 contacts, MailChimp is a good and free option over Mad Mimi.

MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi

MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi

MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi

MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi

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