How To Become a Freelance SEO Consultant in India

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Who is an SEO consultant?

The internet has effectively infused into our lives and the businesses that are operating online have aimed to rank their websites the highest. This desire of ranking high in the search engine result pages has called for the need of an SEO consultant. The Search Engine Optimization consultant guides the companies on how to manage their online activities in order to rank higher in the search engine result pages.

SEO consultant

who is an SEO consultant?

Many companies these days outsource their website’s SEO activities to freelance SEO experts to take care of the optimization of the websites. There can be seen a high demand for an SEO consultant in the market. It is gaining popularity and for all the right reasons.

We will be discussing all about what does SEO Consultant do  in this blog post.

The services provided by an SEO consultant

The most basic of all services provided by SEO Consulting Services is introducing the company with an SEO strategy. The SEO strategy is the foundation of any SEO campaign. Their services may vary from one company to other. In one company, they may only prepare the SEO strategy whereas, in the other company, the they may also conduct the SEO campaign on Google as well as other channels. However, the basic task of the SEO consultant remains to be same.

seo consultant

Pick the best SEO consultant for your brand

The Search Engine Optimization consultant reviews all the activities on the website and provides solutions to them. The solutions contain a strategical plan to get higher ranking and generate organic traffic by a non-paid form of SEO like content marketing, social media marketing, On-page and off-page SEO, etc. All the practices suggested and undertaken by an SEO consultant is aimed at increasing the conversion rate.

The above paragraph only talks about the basic tasks undertaken by the freelance Search Engine Optimization consultant.

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Let us now read the ideal job description of an SEO consultant

The job description of an SEO consultant

Be well- versed with the client’s needs:

The primary task of an SEOer who offers SEO consultancy is to understand the needs and the objective of the client to carry out an SEO campaign. The consultant can only draft a strategy when he is aware of the objective and further defines parameters to meet those objectives after doing thorough research.

Examining the client’s website:

The second most important task after learning the client’s objective behind the SEO campaign is to examine the client’s website to check for the corrections that are to be made and accordingly a strategy is laid down, providing solutions.

Contribute to content marketing:

With a vision to generate organic traffic for the client’s website, the SEO consultant will also contribute to the content marketing attributes like the related keywords on which the content must be prepared to capture the attention of the right audience.

Get a higher Google ranking

The basic objective of the Search Engine Consultant is to gain rankings for the various blog posts of the company already present on the web or for a fresh article is being uploaded. All the efforts are determined to fetch better rankings on the search engine result pages.

Check for technical issues and provide solution for them

There could be many pages of the website that may not work properly at a given time. The SEO consultant is also supposed to look into these minute details and provide solutions for them. These errors could be anything from Canonicalization, Error 404, crawl errors, broken links, 301/302 redirects, server errors, plagiarism, etc.

Comprehensive website audit

The complete site auditing must be held by the SEO consultant in an attempt to improve the existing content and make sure that the statistics are updated. From the content aspect, the SEO consultant may point the details like formatting errors which can be improved with the help of bullet points, grammatical errors, etc.

Additionally, alterations in the web layout and design could be suggested.

Employ SEO tools to determine results

In order to measure the performance of the blogs, the consultant must employ SEO tools to check for results and suggest the changes.

Structure a forward looking strategy

The last and most important task to be performed by an SEO consultant is to lay down a forward looking strategy for the client’s company as per the functioning of the company and further improvement areas.

The primary factors to hire the best SEO consultant

There are several factors considered by a company before finalizing an SEO consultant who will be responsible for building the search engine ranking and organic traffic on the website. The parameters mentioned below are only a few of the many factors that fit the criteria to choose the best candidate.

  • In-depth keyword research

The SEO consultant must have an in-depth knowledge of the tools and techniques to find a set of the most relevant keywords which will help the company’s website to build organic traffic.

  • Studying traffic and analytics

Until and unless the SEO consultant is aware of the tools to measure the metrics of the employed SEO campaign, he would not be able to suggest the improvements that could be made in the campaign. Since, to suggest improvements, he first needs to have an analysis of the performance of the previous strategies.

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  • Split-testing similar pages

The marketers consider split-testing to be an effective way of measuring the effectiveness of a content copy, be it text, video or image. Split- testing follows the concept of mix and matching and further measuring the performance of each to find out which one performed better.

  • Building natural backlinks

The content strategy has listed building backlinks as one of the most important elements. Backlinks not just redirect the traffic but also add to the credibility of the website.

  • Analyzing the client’s competitors

Keeping a close check over the competitors is amongst the primary tasks of an SEO consultant. It is important that the competitor’s performance is monitored and analyzed to maintain a healthy competition.

  • Maximizing local search exposure

The local searchers in an area account for a major share consumers for a brand. Thus, one of the important tasks of the SEO consultant also includes finding ways of maximizing local search exposure. There must not be lagging behind in this field as doing so will result in loss of business opportunities to companies.

  • Developing strong calls to action

By laying strong call to action, the SEO agent of the company is redirecting the thought process of the consumer. The stronger the call to action in terms of persuasion and establishing a mindset.

  • Working with writers and designers

The job of an SEO consultant calls for him to actively work with writers and designers in order to prepare creatives for the web copies to be circulated in terms of Ad copies or content as a part of the campaign.

  • Programming in HTML, PHP, etc.

A lack of knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, PHP, etc. is important in cases where the SEO consultant wishes to make certain amendments.  The knowledge of these languages will make him independent and wise when it comes to laying down a user-friendly web layout.

  • Expertise with WordPress or Joomla

WordPress occupies a major share in the blogging world and so, it is expected from an SEO consultant to have complete knowledge of the same. The SEO consultant performs the task of guiding others in the blogging department if he himself will be deprived of the functioning knowledge of WordPress or Joomla. he will not be capable of guiding others.

  • Creating cost-effective ranking strategies

Each and every activity performed by an SEO consultant is constantly striving for generating organic traffic on the website i.e he unpaid form of traffic. The SEO strategies laid by him to the several other SEO activities are one of the many ways of creating cost effective ranking strategies.

  • Researching the latest SEO practices

Change is the only constant in every sphere of life, with this as the motto, the SEO consultant must move forward and stay updated with the latest SEO practices floating in the digital world. The latest forms could be anything from discount coupons, intro- offers to giveaways. Do a research and adopt what suits you best. Be a part of the trend or a step ahead, be the one to begin a trend.

What is the average salary of an SEO consultant in India?

The salary packages of different job profiles vary in different parts of the country and even from one organization to the other. Yet, there is a definitely a bracket for each profile which can be quoted by looking at the average salaries of that particular job profile in various companies. So, after surveying the salaries of several SEO consultants all over the country, the salary bracket stating the average salary of an SEO consultant ranks up to 30-35k. However, the SEO salary may also be charged on per campaign or per project basis.

 SEO consultant

The SEO salary bracket

As aforementioned, the salary is a variable and may increase or decrease inversely to demand and supply. The skills and years of experience also add to the salary package. This rule applies for all the job profiles in every field of work.

The best SEO Consultant in India

Search engine optimization has become an important aspect of the corporate world especially for companies who operate digitally. It is truly considered to be the most important aspect of digital marketing because of some obvious reasons. The SEO of a website determines its ranking on the Google search results. To rank in search results has literally become a rat race in today’s time. The companies today take help from various SEO companies by outsourcing their company’s SEO activities to SEO agencies and SEO companies.

SEO consultant

SEO consultant INdia

The outsource companies are not the free SEO consultant India but here is a list of the SEO consultant company in various parts of the country. In this space, we will be talking about the most SEO agencies and companies in the most popular cities of India only. These cities are chosen on the basis of maximum demand for SEO consultant jobs, the companies seeking to hire SEO consultant are plenty. Read on to introduce yourself to the best SEO companies in the city.

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SEO consultant DELHI

  • PageTraffic

    PageTraffic is a top digital marketing company that is based in Delhi and offers its services all over the Globe.  They specialize in creating solutions to bring greater visibility to businesses. The company has won several awards for its performance and the statistics show that it here to stay. 

  • Techmagnate

    Techmagnate is a company that specializes in Search engine optimization and website designing. This SEO agency based in Delhi is listed amongst the top SEO agencies in the town.

  • Adlift Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

    Adlift has too made it to the list of top 10 SEO agencies and has stood its position with the most astounding results delivered by its skilled personnel. This Digital Marketing agency is focused on giving high ROI to its clients. The awards won by the company triumph its success.

SEO Consultant Mumbai

  • PageTraffic

    With operation center in Mumbai as well, the SEO agency stands first in the rat race of SEO agency outsourcing. The exemplary results are the reason for this agency to be listed amongst the best SEO agencies and having to sustain the first position as well.

  • eBrandz

    eBrandz is a pro in the SEO world and is actively inclined to fulfill the needs of the clients. The agency operates from the Maya Nagri, Mumbai and is determined to join hands with small businesses and rise with them.

  • Briefkase

    Briefkase is a young Digital Marketing company, based in Mumbai has made it to the list of the top SEO agencies, sooner than expected. It has marked its presence with a positively notable performance and out of the box thinking.

SEO Consultant Bangalore

  • SEOvalley

    SEOvalley made it to the list of top 10 SEO agencies in Bangalore by SEOvalley has gained recognition through the medium of happy customers and several awards earned by it.

  • Grabstance

    This SEO agency based in Bangalore is among the top SEO agencies in the city. It provides digital solutions to all your problems and is keen to join hands with businesses to provide them with a result oriented agency who works like a friend with them.

  • Ralecon

    Ralecon claims to be the best Digital Marketing company in Bangalore and also claim to deliver promising results. The company considers the tiny details of your SEO activity and guide you to a better path. Their SEO services are praised by many.

The demand for SEO consultant jobs

At present, there is a high SEO jobs worldwide because of a massive boom in the digital world. The first quarter of 2017 shocked everyone with over 8 lakh jobs in the Digital Marketing jobs in the field. The comprehensive rise of Digital Marketing domain has increased the demand for SEO consultant jobs as well.

SEO consultant

High demand for SEO consultant jobs

According to the current market scenario, if you are equipped with the right knowledge and experience to pursue a career with the profile of an SEO consultant then it is a thumb’s up from our side. Looking at the current boom in the industry there is absolutely no better field than Digital Marketing in the current times.

SEO being the most important division of Digital Marketing offers a great level of growth in the field. The individuals who pick up a career in the SEO field are most likely to rise in the field as there is scope for growth and constant achievements. As the industry analysts believe that Digital Marketing is not here to stay but also to rise.

To conclude

In this blog, we dedicatedly discussed the role, functioning, job description, and salary of the SEO consultant job profile in the Digital Marketing domain. We also took a glance at the Top Digital Marketing companies in the different cities of our nation. The blog aimed at clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the SEO consultant and giving an insight of what would it be work as an SEO consultant.

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Enrolling in an SEO Certification Course would help you master Search Engine Optimization and become a certified SEO Consultant in India.

In case you have any queries about best SEO practices or SEO updates that as a consultant you should stay aware of then feel free to ask me in comments.

Have a successful career in SEO Consulting.


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