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Since the inception of Digital India, Internet Marketing Jobs are the mainstay of top jobs in India. Businesses are going digital, and so do the job opportunities. Big companies or startups, all are leaning towards this next generation of marketing- And hence, we are witnessing great career opportunities in Internet Marketing.

While talking about Digital wave, founder, and CEO of Digital Vidya, Pradeep Chopra Says-

“I still remember the excitement about IT/Software in the late 90s and early 2000. Surely, that was one of the best times for people to enter into IT industry. Even those who joined the GNIIT program at that point of time could accelerate their career and moved to a respectable position within a few years.”

He then adds-

Internet Marketing Jobs

Pradeep Chopra

That’s exactly the phase Digital Marketing industry is undergoing today. The Wave associated with this industry is so strong today that it is undoubtedly the best time to be part of this fast-growing industry.


Seeing such a prominence and unprecedented scope, we thought to meet up a bevy of industry experts and ask them about some of the Internet Marketing Specialist Jobs in India- This helped us identify ten best-suited Internet Marketing Jobs for you.

Internet Marketing Jobs

Hierarchy Internet Marketing Jobs (Source- Digital Deepak)

Therefore, just polish your resume as per the requirements of below given 10 Internet Marketing Jobs-

Internet Marketing Jobs in India

1. Internet Marketing Manager

An Internet Marketing Manager can be understood as a multitasking automated system that has the skills, creativity, needed expertise, artificial intelligence and ability to improvise when running, tracking and measuring performances of different components of Digital Marketing and respective digital marketing professionals. When you opt for Internet Marketing Jobs as a manager, you would be responsible to manage Digital Marketing Executives and specialists, plus, content marketing, social marketing; search marketing, analytics and inbound marketing specialists would also be required to report you.

  • An Internet Marketing Manager should have around 5+ years of experience
  • Having certifications in different Internet Marketing Channels would for sure be a plus for you in proving your expertise
  • Salary package of Internet Marketing Jobs as manager ranges from 15 to 20 lacs per annum and it is directly proportional to the experience, skills, certification, and reputation you have in the industry that may sometimes lead you to go as high as 40 LPA

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2. Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Executive)

SEOers are one of the most important and most popular Internet Marketing Jobs thanks to the role of Search Engine Optimization in ensuring better rankings for businesses in SERPs. Search Engine Optimizer is responsible for optimizing the visibility of a website or a web page in the unpaid results of Search Engines. Trends also prove that SEO integrated with paid advertising ensures 25% increase in click rates and hence a 27% increase in the returns. All this creates better Internet Marketing Jobs for SEO Executives.

  • The average salary for a Search Engine Optimizer is Rs. 353,396 per year but he or she should be well proficient in getting free traffic via Google and Search Engines
  • Skills required for being an SEO Executive is knowing how to do keyword research, ensure user experience optimization, use webmaster tools, manage duplicate content, get the pages indexed, and so on
  • To ensure better career growth, you should try to be familiar with SEO tools, and having certifications would for sure be a plus

3. Social Media Marketing Expert

Internet Marketing Jobs related to Social Media Marketing demand you to have expertise in gaining website traffic, ensuring brand awareness and optimizing online presence via social media networks. You need to know how to run paid and unpaid campaigns to attract attention and persuade readers on different social channels. As per Octane Research 2016, 46% of Customer Engagement is ensured by social media updates and that is why companies are in search of best Social Media experts.

  • The average salary of Social Media Experts is Rs. 328,300 per year and it depends on your expertise on Paid and Unpaid Social Media campaigns
  • Unpaid Social Media campaigns are responsible for spreading the content through social media platforms while for running paid advertising on Social media, you need to know about the functioning of different Social Media Ads

4. Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing generates 3 times more leads at 62% lesser costs- says DemandMetric, which makes the post of Content Marketing Manager highly valuable. A Content Marketing Manager is responsible for channelizing a relevant and consistent Content Marketing Campaign on different Social and Digital channels. You need to know how to attract and retain a clearly defined audience to create and engage leads for ensuring better returns.

  • A Content Marketing Manager is responsible for managing the blog, sales page copywriting, SEO Compatibility of campaign, Drip marketing campaigns, guest blogging, e-book publications, video marketing, inbound communication and PR
  • A Content Marketing Manager is responsible for reporting Marketing Heads or Digital Marketing Managers
  • Content Marketing Manager is also one of the most popular home-based Internet Marketing Jobs and if you are in search of Freelance job opportunities then this would be the most suited profile for you
  • The Average Salary of a Content Marketing Manager is between 10 to 15 LPA but for this, you need to have experience of around 5 years in content writing and marketing

5. Copywriter

Copywriters also come under Content related Internet Marketing Jobs, but it demands great writing skill to connect, convince and convert readers into loyal customers via the persuasion power of content. A Copywriter should be very proficient with the language to be adaptable to work with all the channels of Digital Marketing and professionals.

  • The copywriters assist content team in refining their content to ensure better reception via engaging storytelling for the specific audiences
  • Copywriters also work with social media manager and help them use better phrases and posts on Social Channels. Copywriters also help Search Engine Marketing to create better Ad Copies to fuel the sales funnel with the mere glimpse or first look
  • Copywriting jobs are also one of the most sought-after Freelance Internet Marketing Jobs in India and all across the world
  • The average salary of Copywriters vary from 3.5 LPA to 10 LPA depends on your experience, creativity, and skills

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6. Search Engine Marketer

Search Engine Marketer is responsible for promoting the websites on Search Engines via Paid and Unpaid means to increase their visibility in SERPs. More prominently, you ought to be master in paid advertising, which means being AdWords master is important to be a high earning Search Engine Marketer.

  • On an average, a Search Engine Marketing Specialist earns around 5 to 10 LPA
  • If you want to opt for such Internet Marketing Jobs, you should always try to be AdWords certified, as this ensure better career opportunities for you
  • Search Engine Marketer generally reports to Internet Marketing Managers, and if the company is small, Internet Marketing Managers themselves handle the work of Search Engine Specialists
  • Search Engine Marketers are responsible for targeting the number of leads and clicks. They also do the bid management, keyword research, split testing of Ad campaigns, and coordination with copywriters

7. Inbound Marketing Manager

Inbound marketing is pull marketing, and any technique that helps you earn your people’s interest instead of buying it comes under inbound marketing. An Inbound Marketing Manager draws customers to the website with the help of interesting content, online videos, SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Email Marketing, Word of Mouth, etc.

On average, Inbound Marketing Manager earns around 4 to 6 LPA. Generally, Inbound Marketers and Content Marketers do the same kind of jobs, which are managing the funnels and conversions at a different stage of Internet Marketing. Inbound Marketer creates a strategy that is executed by Content Marketers.

Internet Marketing Jobs

Inbound Marketing Methology

Four phases of Inbound Marketing that an Internet Marketing Manager needs to synchronize and channelize are-

1. Attract

  • Blogging
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media

2. Convert

  • Forms
  • Meetings
  • Messages
  • CRM

3. Close

  • Pipeline Management
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Email
  • Predictive Lead Scoring

4. Delight

  • Customer Hub
  • Smart Content
  • Conversations

8. Conversion Rate Optimizer

Conversion Rate Optimizer is responsible for increasing the conversion ratio in different stages of a marketing funnel. CRO professionals help inbound marketer create landing pages that ensure better conversions. CRO Tools help in optimizing conversions and a Conversion Rate Optimize needs to be adept at CRO Tools such as Heatmap tools that gives insights into the people’s behavioral interaction with different landing pages.

  • CRO expert should be dexterous in doing split testing on various elements of web pages and update respective specialists about the factors such as colors, text size, etc. that might increase the conversions. is one such tool
  • CRO Optimizer should know how ad copy or the site title could attract more clicks, how visitors can be converted into leads, and how leads can be converted into paying customers

9. Email Marketing Manager

To be an Email Marketing Manager, you need to know your audience, get your Emails delivered, integrate Social Media, Add CTAs, optimize your Emails, etc. Having expertise in all such skills will help you get the best-suited Internet Marketing Jobs in Email Marketing. An Email Marketing Manager is responsible for creating engaging marketing content for the email campaigns, building lists according to the different target audience (by country, city, company or interest, etc.), A/B testing to find out what’s working and what’s not.

  • Email Marketing Manager is also responsible for Analyzing the performance of email marketing campaigns, utilizing remarketing tools and improving the ROI
  • To be a successful Email Marketer you need to know the best remarketing tools for identifying the behavior patterns of all customers, leads, and prospects
  • The average salary of Email Marketing Manager ranges in between 4 to 8 LPA depending upon your experience, expertise and certifications

10. Google Analytics Expert

Internet Marketing Jobs

Google Analytics Jobs

The data provided by Business Intelligence is processed and channelized under Analytics for generating insights to drive decisions, measure performances, and take actions accordingly. The responsibility of Google Analytics Expert is to gauge the performances of Internet Marketing campaigns and eventually gauge ROI. Google Analytics Experts is one of its kind Internet Marketing Jobs that help businesses measure their advertising ROI as well as track their Flash, Social Media, video, and applications.

  • Different Google Analytics Jobs for you can be Data Analyst, Business Analytics Professional, Predictive Analytics Professional, etc.
  • The average salary of a Google Analytics Expert range in between ₹3,72,400-₹23,59,952 LPA

Master your Skills Now!

On the concluding note, I hope this post would have helped you have a good idea about the Internet Marketing Jobs and career options available in India. However, as Internet Marketing is one of the most competitive fields in today’s time, it is very important that you have the great hold and expertise on your skills. Also, being an internet marketer, you should also be aware of digital marketing salary slab.

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Being a certified professional would for sure be an advantage to get best-suited Internet Marketing Jobs. Joining Digital Marketing Training helps Internet Marketing Professionals be a certified professional and make a rewarding Internet Marketing Career.

Which Internet Marketing Jobs made you curious and pushed you to give it a shot- Share your experience, skills and expertize in comments and we will tell you the best certifications available to you.


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