20 Digital Marketing Case Studies To Understand Power Of Digital Marketing

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Without proficiently indulging in Digital Marketing, a business can hardly find a way to perform even its basic operations. The Digital Marketing Case Studies that we are going to cover in this post will for sure empower you to understand the key benefits of Digital Marketing for you.

Actually, marketing in one sense can be basically viewed as the process of communication with the clients or the customers in their own language on the various platforms being used by them. Starting a business surely involves you to hustle a lot but with proper marketing, you can enjoy the ease of most things being facilitated.

Not long before the advent of digital marketing, new and small businesses found it extremely difficult to establish themselves in the list of big companies.

Digital marketing facilitates the businesses not only to expand easily by allowing them to reach a global audience and compete with established brands by rendering their services globally but also by facilitating the easy sharing of proposals with the clients by just a click.

It facilitates the operations and growth of the business by allowing marketers to understand customer behaviours.

One can easily take the aid of digital marketing professionals at your disposal.

As per the statistics, Digital Ad Spend is going to cross $375 billion by the end of 2021.

Digital marketing case studies surely are an exemplary way of inspiration that one can take the aid of, for learning the strategies and the ways by the usage of which they can avoid commuting mistakes in digital marketing to a great extent.

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Read on to find some of the best and top Digital Marketing Case Studies-

Top Case Studies On Digital Marketing

1. Intuit Digital Marketing Case Studies

Image result for Intuit Digital Marketing Campaign

Intuit is a software company. The organization found that its customers wanted simple tools for all other aspects through their research when they were planning to add a new operation to their product portfolio.

To gain a solution over the problem of the competitors they chose to gain visibility in organic results.

The use of relevant most searched keywords and leveraging social media they succeeded in connecting the new users to the website in an engaging fashion.

This is surely a part of the successful digital marketing case studies.

2. DisabledGo Digital Marketing Case Studies

Digital Marketing Case Studies

DisabledGo was stuck with the complex issue of migrating the SEO strategy from an old platform to a new platform.

Keeping in view the idea of keeping the migration as smooth as possible from SEO view they took up the challenge of implementing 301 redirects to new URLs from the old ones.

They even transferred metadata and set up a new site map. By effectively using the technique of URL restructuring they not only achieved the aim of retaining the old users but also boost up the visitors by ranking up the competitors in the niche.

3. Harris Teeter Digital Marketing Case Studies

Image result for Harris Teeter Digital Marketing

Being a grocery business, this setup did not have much of a margin and that was a task in itself. This made the task of boosting social media visibility look more huge for Harris and Teeter.

By using the strategy of behavioural targeting, many options of combinations were found that provided visibility in terms of fan base.

The reason that this boosted the post engagement by 400% surely proves as to why this is regarded as one of the best case studies on digital marketing.

4. Health Republic Insurance Digital Marketing Case Studies

Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey had to face the issue of low lead generation and poor market position. In response, it came up with a strategy that lets Health Republic Insurance secure its place in top case studies on Digital Marketing,

The goal of HRINJ was to grow fast with an aim to improve coverage and reduce premiums.

With the introduction of a new tagline, they were positioned as a values-driven insurer that boosted their enrolment and obviously the business.

5. Tata Sky Transfer Digital Marketing Case Studies

Again one of the best case studies on Digital Marketing for you. Understanding the needs of watching different shows in a family the company introduced a new service called Tata sky+ transfer, the main issue for Tata sky was to get it viral.

The brand came up with an idea of creating an out of mind family named transferkars. This allowed the transfer of shows on mobiles and tablets.

This certainly was a hit among the audience. The success owing to the proficient study of the potential market is the reason it is regarded as one of the best digital marketing case studies of India.

6. Make My Trip Digital Marketing Case Studies

The company widely used Independence Day with the idea of #DilHaiHindustani.

Practically this was an unusual yet effective recreation of independence story. A microsite that took the odyssey of 1857 to 1947 was created for this purpose.

This proved to be really effective with the traffic on the website increasing instantly and also the company gaining more following in terms of online appearance. That is why this campaign has made its place in Digital Marketing Case Studies PDF.

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7. Amazon India Digital Marketing Case Studies

The brand effectively used a good digital marketing strategy by taking the aid of ads on social media.

The sale on the website that allows the user interaction with fan activities and contests helped to a great extent to increase the traffic on the website. The company even provided coupons to the contestants that worked as an added advantage to increase the sales during the promotional event.

As the sale was scheduled to be held after 10th of August, they successfully managed to tilt the customer plans after 10th.

This is the reason it is regarded as one of the best case studies of digital marketing in India.

8. HDFC Digital Marketing Case Studies

Image result for HDFC Ray of hope campaign

To promote its HDFC life cancer care plan, the bank decided to come up with the idea of #RayOfHope.

The main goal was to provide financial help for cancer and by signing an actress that herself has been fighting with cancer, HDFC Life surely made sure that the video and went viral and got famous over social media.

This is even available in the form of digital marketing case studies pdf.

9. Nivea India Digital Marketing Case Studies India

Image result for nivea mom's touch campaign

To portray the selfless and extraordinary stories of mai there from around the country, Nivea came with up with Mom’s Touch campaign.

This campaign was solely done with the aid of social media.

With the effective use of marketing on social media, Nivea facilitates the donation for girls primarily on the basis of social media sharing. As one of the best Digital Marketing Case Studies PDF, this one is for sure quite useful for you.

10. Renault Digital Marketing Case Studies

With a view of doing marketing for their new car lodge, Renault decides to rely on Digital marketing.

For this purpose, the brand chose 3 bloggers that were not only provided the experience of driving this car but also a trip to Goa from the same car.

All this was recorded and the bloggers were supposed to write about the car. Being one of the best digital marketing case studies is established by the fact that marketing was done on large scale and that too with minimal use of resources.

11. GoGustoRides Digital Marketing Case Studies


For the facilitation of marketing for their new scooter Gusto, Mahindra decided to take the aid of food bloggers at their disposal.

They were required to travel to different food joints in the city on Gusto which also catered to the personal needs of the bloggers. This way Mahindra not only succeeded in establishing a good online appearance but also made sure that offline publicity was done in a proper and efficient fashion.

12. OLX India Digital Marketing Case Studies

OLX Daastaan

In order to build a brand image and obtain a good online appearance, OLX came with an idea of using Independence Day for their aid.

A campaign that allowed people to share their memories of partition or its belongings was launched.

This not only attracted the users but also helped the brand connect with the consumers allowing them the loyalty and obviously more sales.

13. Lenovo Digital Marketing Case Studies

Image result for Lenovo Pitch to her

With a view to gain a direction in the market, Lenovo decided to take the aid of digital marketing strategies to promote their campaign “PitchToHer” that helped girls to learn football from an NGO.

This not only made life easy for girls with donations but also provided the brand with an establishment in the market and obviously a greater customer base due to proficient use of digital marketing case studies.

14. Paper Boat Digital Marketing Case Studies

Image result for Paper Boat Digital Marketing Campaign

The company managed to get an online appearance by choosing to allow people to share their childhood memories as the brand itself deals with manufacturing of drinks which are common household drinks.

The idea to float a paper boat and share on social media was brought into advent.

This surely made the brand name famous with the audience proving them with extra customer base to target. This is rightly a part of great case studies of digital marketing.

15. KKR IPL Team Digital Marketing Case Studies

In order to maintain a connection with the fans of the team, the management decided to launch a blog to increase the fan base as it was solely for Shahrukh Khan Fans who is the co-owner of the team.

This allowed the viewers the insight of the team and dressing room.

This instance of digital marketing surely increased the fan following of the team just by the idea of utilizing the fan base of its celebrity co-owner.

The intelligent idea surely adds it to the unique digital marketing case studies PDF.

16. Hubspot

Image result for hubspot

We all know how popular Hubspot has become today and widely it is being used, the credit goes to digital marketing and especially content marketing. The contents on Hubspot are of top-notch and that has attracted the users towards it.

The blogs on Hubspot target users to attract towards its funnel. Today the company is worth a billion dollars and it has become possible due to its effective content marketing strategies.

It also sells Marketing along with sales and service software that play quite significant role in growing different businesses without any sort of compromises. The motivation to consider “good for the business” would be something that is also “good for the customer” makes it one of the best Digital Marketing Case Studies you need to pay attention to.

17. Beardbrand

Image result for beardbrand

This e-commerce platform sells beard oil and other beard care products. Their business has enhanced a lot and they make around $120K in a month, the credit goes to their digital marketing strategies.

They used digital marketing techniques to promote their movement “Urban beardsmen” and that has helped in the success of beardbrand. The adept use of targeting the right customer with the online marketing campaign has helped the company generate better leads and conversions.

You can find out their blogs about the beard, body and hair that play a very significant role in convincing the readers to opt for their services. So, their content marketing campaign has also been the top notch.

Inbound marketing, lead generation and conversion through a well directed funnel is channelized through a powerful Digital Marketing Strategy. Even when you open their site, you can participate in a Quiz that is very useful in ensuring an interaction with the potential customer right away.

This makes BeardBrand secure a place in the list of top Digital Marketing Case Studies.

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18. Raw Generation

Image result for raw generation

This is a well-known company which makes fruit juices and other juices from raw materials.

Their website gained immense popularity from different other sites like Groupon, Gilt and so on. Their promotion techniques on social media didn’t go well in the initial stages but when they started promoting themselves on Lifebooker they got the desired results.

In the initial stages when the company was promoting itself on other social media channels the sales was of around $8K in a month and now its sale has grown up to $96K in a month.

The right implementation of online marketing strategy that also includes coupons and Social Media Marketing helps the brand in widening its reach in front of its target audience base. Reviews, rewards, coupons, top quality products and their powerful advertising played a key role in increasing the sales of the brand.

19. Envelopes.com

Image result for envelopes.com

If you consider e-commerce sector while digital marketing case studies then you can never ignore this brand. They gained their core strength from digital marketing only.

Email marketing was their major weapon in digital marketing which also leads them to get results. Their conversion rates after this campaign grew by 40% hence you can imagine the efficiency of their digital marketing campaign.

Offering special coupon codes so  buyers can purchase products at discounted prices also play key role in widening the reach and boosting sales. They offer direct mail services which allow you to get started directly from their web portal just in a few simple steps.

Use of CTAs on the site is also quite dexterously implemented that play key role in convincing the site visitors to click through them and perform the action that site owner expects from their visitors. All in all, company came up with a rock solid digital marketing strategy which empowered it to make its place in top digital marketing case studies.

20. Chevrolet

Castle Chevrolet got an increment in their sales by 23 times after they switched to Facebook advertising. Digital marketing has helped them a lot in developing their brand’s identity.

Castle Buick GMC has also gained immense popularity after turning towards Facebook advertising. Whenever we will talk about social media marketing we won’t be able to ignore the names of these two companies. Through their social media marketing as they showed their users how convenient their dealerships are and this helped them to fetch the traffic.

Right use of different types of Facebook ads to widen the reach of the brand on this Social Media Giant helped the brand widen its reach significantly. It easily targeted its relevant audience base on Facebook, plus other online marketing strategies were also phenomenal in being result driven.

Doing proper analysis of audience base and running personalized campaign as per the inclination of the audiences helped the brand boost its revenues.

Final Words

The above-listed case studies of digital marketing not only boost the confidence and morale but also provide teachings that how with the aid of even simple ideas, you can choose to earn more returns and that too with low resource and efforts application.

For efficient usage of digital marketing, you may choose to get enrolled in the best digital marketing institute & indulge in paid advertising, SEO, video advertising, conversion rate optimization and many more. At the end of the day, you have to shoulder the responsibility of adding your business to the list of successful digital marketing case studies India.

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Which Digital Marketing Case Studies India inspired you the most? Share in the comments below.

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