10 Best Online Marketing Jobs for Freshers & Experts

by Satyendra Tewari | Updated on: December 2, 2019 | 13 Min Read.

The technological development and the market forces have brought Online Marketing Jobs to the centre stage. Gone are the days when companies used to resort to traditional marketing practices for revenue generation. Today, Internet Marketing Practices are building the path to success for big brands across the globe.

Digital Marketing Industry in the modern time is estimated to be valued at $68 billion and experts only predict this industry to expand more in the future.

It is the most right time to take advantage of this digital wave that has touched every sector in our country and abroad, to have a fulfilling career ahead.

Online Marketing has the luxury of Endurance in the job market.

Speaking of that, we have compiled in this article 10 hot job picks for you that are high in demand now so that becomes easy for you to get online digital marketing jobs.

10 of the Most Sought-After Online Marketing Jobs

1. Online Marketing Manager

An Online Marketer is responsible for all things digital of a brand.

The job of an online marketer starts with increasing brand visibility, raising awareness regarding the brand to ensuring an increase in sales.

The job role of such Online Marketing Jobs demands experience of 5+ years, plus certifications reflecting the expertise in different internet and social marketing subjects.

After getting appointed as an online marketing manager you will be expected to supervise digital marketing executives, oversee content management, analytics and manage inbound marketing activities.

Online Marketing Jobs Source LinkedIn

Online Marketing Manager

Notable Skills that an Online Marketing Manager should have

(i) Ability to use Data to run Conversion Driven Campaigns

(ii) Knowledge of Search Engine Marketing (Paid & Unpaid)

(iii) The right use of Social Media Marketing & Advertising

(iv) Ability to integrate Content Marketing & Email Marketing

(v) Knowledge of Visual Advertising & Viral Marketing Techniques

(vi) Ability to run Mobile Marketing

(vii) Expertize in measuring outputs of Campaigns

(viii) Knowledge of Digital Marketing Tools & Platforms

Certifications available for Online Marketing Manager

(i) Facebook Marketing Master Certification

(ii) Content Marketing Certification

(iii) Certification (Vskills)

(iv) Google Certifications

(v) HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

Having more than 7 to 10 years of experience as an Online Marketing Manager makes you eligible for Online Marketing Director profiles as well. The Online Marketing Director Job Description includes

(i) 10+ years of experience as Online/Internet Marketing Manager.

(ii) 10+ years of experience in planning, developing and implementing Online Marketing Strategies.

(iii) In-depth knowledge of all the online marketing channels, tools, and latest practices.

(iv) 10+ years of hands-on experience with Web Analytics, CRM, SEO, & Inbound tools & practices.

(v) Basic knowledge of web design & development relevant to Search Engine Compatibility.

(vi) The sense of ownership and pride in a company’s overall digital success.

(vii) Critical thinker, team players, decision-making abilities, leader and problem-solving skills.

(viii) Good time-management, interpersonal and communication skills.

(ix) Masters in marketing, HR, Digital Technologies or relevant fields.

2. SEO Executive

An SEO executive is responsible for improving client websites so that they receive a good amount of traffic.

Though the advent of this career first only required keyword research, link building, and on-page keyword targeting; now the job role has become more complex to include use of Google analytics to compile performance report, conduct analysis of competitor’s SEO tactics, crafting effective SEO strategies for clients, and keeping oneself informed on the latest changes in search engine algorithms. It is also one of the most popular Online Marketing Jobs work from Home.

Online Marketing Jobs

SEO Executive

You can expect to earn a package of 3.5 LPA in this profession. Different skills that you need to have for SEO Executive Online Marketing Jobs are-

(i) Mastery over on-site SEO Elements (e.g. Title Tags, Meta Description, Header Tags, Internal Links, ALT Tags, etc).

(ii) Mastery over Off-Site SEO Elements (Link Building, Social Networks, Blogging, Forum Posting, Article Submission, Press Releases, Review, Events Submission, Video, PDF, Online Answers, Posts, Directory Submission, etc).

(iii) The right use of Content for Site Visitors & Search Engines.

(iv) Knowledge about the working of Google & latest Seo Updates.

(v) Monitoring performance of SEO Campaigns & Competitor analysis.

As per your experience and expertize in SEO, you can get different SEO jobs such as-

(i) SEO Trainee

(ii) SEO Analyst

(iii) SEO Strategist

(iv) SEO Specialist

(v) SEO Consultant

(vi) SEO Technician

(vii) SEO Account Manager

(viii) SEO Manager

(ix) SEO Trainer

(x) SEO Director

3. Social Media Manager

Online Marketing Jobs

Duties of Social Media Manager

Knowing a thing or two about Facebook and Instagram is not enough to become a social media manager. A social media manager is responsible for managing all the social channels of a brand.

Apart from knowing about different social media channels in details, a social media manager should have impeccable writing and communication skills and have an idea on which social channel to use for different goals. Digital marketing campaigns and their analysis are part of the job role along with monitoring and responding to audience comments.

Salaries of experienced Social Media Managers in India can be from INR 40,000/month to INR 100,000/month.

Different skills that you need to have to be ready for one of the hottest Online Marketing Jobs are-

(i) Marketing Basics

(ii) In-Depth Understanding of Social Networks

(iii) Copywriting Skills

(iv) Basic Graphic Design Skills

(v) Analytics Skills

Social Media Jobs are also quite popular Online Marketing Jobs work from Home and different places, portals, and techniques to get best-suited jobs are:

(i) Direct Search

(ii) Facebook Groups

(iii) Direct Reference

(iv) Freelancing Websites (Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour, Guru and Fiverr)

4. Content Marketing Manager

This is one of the hottest job picks of our time. A content marketing manager is responsible for all content related things of a brand that will result in driving traffic, building an audience, having engagements and generating leads. All which are required to drive sale and acquire new customers.

A content marketing manager is intensively involved with the development and execution of quality content, which resonates well with the target audience.

Online Marketing Jobs

Content Marketing Manager

Additionally, managing blogs, checking SEO compatibility, inbound marketing, video marketing, and PR all come under a content marketing manager’s job role. Companies offer a salary of 10-15 lakhs for this job role. This is one of the most popular Online Marketing company jobs as well and different roles of a Content Marketing Manager are-

(i) Develop an Audience Persona

(ii) Defining Goals of Content Marketing

(iii) Building an SEO Strategy

(iv) Creating a Brand Strategy

(v) Developing a Content Calendar

(vi) Leading the Content Marketing Team

(vii) Defining Key Metrics and Measuring the Results

(viii) Co-ordination with Other Teams

(ix) Edit Content

Content Marketing Managers are responsible to act as Content Strategist, Brand Strategist, and SEO Strategist. They should have strategic as well as storytelling skills.

Different other profiles associated with Content Marketing are

(i) Content Executive – 16- 20k Salary

(ii) Content writer- 15 -25k (starting salary)

(iii) Content Associate- 30-38k

(iv) Content specialist/ strategist- 35-40k

(v) Content marketing manager- 42- 50k

5. Copywriter/Content Writer

Online Marketing Jobs

Types of Content Writing

If you have great writing skills that can create engagement, convince readers and form a loyal following, you can consider becoming a copywriter or content writer.

A copywriter with their excellent command over a language, work with teams and social media managers to produce refined content over different social media channels that ensure better audience reception. A copywriter can work independently as well as be associated with an organization.

This profession comes with a package of 3.5 to 10 LPA but earning largely depends on individual experience and skills. This is one of the best Online Digital Marketing Jobs for creative individuals who love to play with words in an impressive and convincing manner.

Different types of Content Write Jobs are

(i) Digital marketing content writer

(ii) Web content writer

(iii) Copywriter

(iv) E-commerce content writer

(v) English content writer

(vi) SEO content writer

(vii) Creative content writer

(viii) Senior content writer

(ix) Technical content writer

Content writers are responsible for developing unique, relevant, attractive and interactive content for online marketing, SEO, SMM, Email Marketing sorts of campaigns. They should know how to write headlines and body, plus, skills to use impressive facts by discussing with other marketing team and incorporating that into the content are also important. This is again one of the best Online Marketing Jobs work from Home.

Different portals that offer freelance Content Writing Jobs are-

(i) ContentMart

(ii) Constant-Content

(iii) Freelancer

(iv) UPWork

(v) Craiglist

6. Search Engine/ PPC Specialist

The job description of a Search Engine or PPC Specialist involves promoting the client website on various search engines via paid or unpaid means. Further, performing bid management, split testing, keyword research and working with content writers are part of their duties.

Online Marketing Jobs Source SkillsBridge

PPC Specialist

Search Engine or PPC specialists earn approximately 5-10 LPA.  They report to the company’s internet manager and mainly focus on paid activities to promote client websites. Search engine specialist must possess AdWords certification. Best techniques to get Search Engine Jobs are-

(i) Make a Powerful LinkedIn Profile & be findable

(ii) Be ready for PPC Interview Questions and Answers

(iii) Sharpen your PPC Marketing skills

(iv) Be a Certified PPC marketer with Google AdWords Certifications

Different job profiles for PPC specialists are

(i) PPC Account Manager

(ii) PPC Specialist

(iii) PPC Executive

Role of a PPC Specialist

(i) Checking up the keywords

(ii) Ruling out the irrelevant Google Display Sites

(iii) Reviewing the budget

(iv) Finding and tracking new leads

(v) Locating the ace

(vi) Knowing the performance at a glance

(vii) Tracking the Ad placement

(viii) Pausing the ads

(ix) Following the other PPC performers

(x) A glance at AdWords Alerts

(xi) Maintaining proper coordination with the client

(xii) Keeping a lookout for any new developments

7. Inbound Marketing Manager

Inbound Marketing Managers are experts in drawing in the relevant audience through engaging content such as SEO, online videos, email marketing, social media, and blogging. Some of the duties of their Online Marketing Jobs include creating & managing marketing campaigns, optimizing marketing automation and making monthly reports.

Online Marketing Jobs SourceGCL Direct

Inbound Marketing Manager

Inbound managers ensure conversion through different pull marketing tactics. Yearly salary one can expect is 4-6 lakhs as the intermediate stages.

Different responsibilities of Inbound Managers include-

(i) Goals & Analytics

(ii) Lead Nurturing

(iii) Social Media Posting

(iv) Blog Writing & Postin

(v) Premium Content

(vi) Keyword Research & SEO

(vii) Lead Intelligence

(viii) Inbound ROI

This is also one of the best Online Marketing Jobs work from Home and you can get best-suited freelancing projects from the portals like Upwork, Guru, Truelancer, Peopleperhour, and so on.

8. Email Marketing Manager

As an email marketing manager you are needed to create the marketing content of the emails, build target audience list and find out what’s working through A/B testing. Knowing what works to capture the attention of the audience constitutes a relevant part of an Email Marketing Manager’s job.

Online Marketing Jobs Source - Blog HotMart

Email Marketing

In addition to the above things, analyzing customer behaviour, creating performance reports and knowing the usage of different remarketing tools are required for this profession. With good experience and expertise, a person can expect to earn 4-8 LPA.

Things that an Email Marketing Manager should do

(i) Know your audience

(ii) Get emails delivered

(iii) Integrate Social Media platforms

(iv) Add CTAs

(v) Mobile Optimized

(vi) Know the right time

Skills of a Successful Email Marketer

(i) Strategic skills

(ii) Data Administration and Analytics

(iii) Copywriting skills

(iv) Marketing skills

(v) Research skills

(vi) Technical Skills (HTML, CSS)

(vii) Quality Management

(viii) Project Management

(ix) Problem-solving skills

9. Web Analytics Expert

All the data which is derived from different digital marketing campaigns are analyzed and filtered by web analysts to produce relevant insights on what is working, what is not and what can be done to improve desired results.

Strong marketing research and knowledge of web analytics are required for such Online Marketing Research Jobs. The responsibility of a web analyst is to measure the performances of all the internet marketing campaigns the company invests in. So, if you are looking for Online Marketing Research Jobs, having a knowledge of web analytics is a must.

Online Marketing Jobs Source Pinterest

Web Analytics Manager

Some of the job titles in this field are business analyst professional, data analyst, and predictive analytics professional. 3.7-23 LPA is the average salary of a beginner and intermediate level web analysts. Analytics experts can even get packages of 17+ LPA.

Different Google Analytics Jobs for Online Marketing Research Jobs are

(i) Google Analytics Manager

(ii) Google Analytics Implementer

(iii) Google Analytics Reporter

(iv) Google Analytics Analyst

(v) Data Analyst

(vi) Business Analytics

(vii) Predictive Analytics

Different industries that offer Web Analytics Jobs are

(i) E-Commerce Industry

(ii) Lead Generation Industry

(iii) Marketing Agency

(iv) Data Driven Businesses

You should also have knowledge of different analytics tools to get the best Online Marketing Jobs related to data and analytics.

Some of the most useful tools that you should know are Tag Assistant (Chrome extension), Tag Manager Injector, GA Debugger, Analytics Pros DataLayer Inspector, Regular Expression (regex) Helpers, Confidence Checker (Bookmarklet– all programs), Annotations Manager (Firefox addon), Google Analytics URL Builder, Real-Time Reporting, Google Analytics Table Booster, etc.

Passing GAIQ exam and being certified will also help you crack the interview. Here you can also find Google Analytics Questions & Answers.

10. Affiliate Marketing Jobs

This is one of the trendiest Online Marketing Jobs for marketers who are well aware of SEO, Content Marketing, basic Web Design & Development, SMM and other online marketing practices.

Affiliate Marketing is also quite useful in appreciating automated revenues.

Online Marketing Jobs

Affiliate Marketing

In the affiliate model of marketing, marketers can promote products and services of other companies/businesses and earn a piece of the profit. It is also considered one of the most popular Online Marketing Jobs work from Home. Freelancing Affiliate jobs can help efficient marketers earn more than 15 LPA.

For opting for online affiliate marketing jobs or Affiliate Marketing Manager Job profiles, you should have a good understanding of sales, online marketing, client service, communication, and advertising. Knowing Web development and SEO practices would help you get better Affiliate Marketing Jobs.

Top Affiliate Networks in India are

(i) vCommission

(ii) Komli

(iii) Admitad India

(iv) iCubesWire

(v) Commission Junction

(vi) DGM India

(vii) Optimise

(viii) AdUncle

(ix) ShareASale

(x) clixGalore

Best Affiliate Programs for you to grab online Affiliate Marketing jobs

(i) Amazon India

(ii) Flipkart

(iii) TripAdvisor

(iv) GoDaddy

(v) BigRock

Digital Marketers, Content Marketers, and SEOers can easily opt for online Affiliate Marketing Jobs and generate passive incomes.

Master your Online Marketing Skills Now!

Now, we hope you would have understood what the best Online Marketing Jobs are for you.

To ensure better career growth, it is important that you master your online marketing skills and appreciate the great opportunities of highly competitive online Marketing Fields.

Having a great hold on your skills and knowledge about the latest trends and practices will let you get the best Online Marketing Jobs.

Enrolling in Online Marketing Training will help you learn and master the complete digital marketing landscape. The course also covers Content Marketing Modules in association with LinkedIn and Facebook Marketing Module in association with Facebook. The course also covers-

(i) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

(ii) Search Engine Marketing (PPC/Google AdWords)

(iii) Social Media Marketing (SMM)

(iv) Inbound Marketing

(v) Email Marketing

(vi) Affiliate Marketing

(vii) E-commerce Listing & Marketplace Selling

You will be mastering digital marketing practices on hands-on assignment and projects.

You can also opt for specialized courses on all the separate online marketing fields as well to get online digital marketing jobs.

Online Marketing Courses are best for Sales and Marketing Professionals, Digital Marketing Professionals, IT & HR Professionals, Entrepreneurs/Business Owners, BBA, MBA, BE, B.Tech and Commerce students.

Want to know more about the best-suited Online Marketing Jobs for you? –Share your details in comments and our experts will guide you in the process.

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